Online Store for ANTIFA Fascist Group Caught Selling Concealed Knives

This means war.

The ANTIFA, the black-clad fascists who hide their cowardly faces behind masks and engage in violence against conservatives, has been caught selling concealed knives on its website.

There are pictures of the knife next to a credit card to show its small size and ability to easily store and hide. 

With the flick of a lock button and a couple of folds, the flat plastic rectangle converts into a fully functional blade.

And all for the low, low price of five bucks.

However, it appears the knife has since been removed from the shop. But it let us all in on a hint about the plans of this violent, fascist organization.

Online chatter among ANTIFA members has revealed more violence in the days ahead:

Here is Gateway Pundit’s reaction:

This should come as a warning to anybody who Antifa sees as a threat to their Communist, anarchist, violence-driven message.

Following the recent violent mobilization of Antifa in Berkeley, the domestic terror organization has begun to embrace violence as part of its message.

There is a visible evil to the entity and sadly it is comprised of young Americans who have adopted a violent, Marxist mentality.

Antifa is a fashionable movement for college “progressives” who have been brainwashed by their professors and now the brainwashing has made its way to the distribution of knives and the promotion of weaponized violence.

Democrats, with their #Resist slogan, are encouraging this type of behavior and they refuse to condemn Antifa.

A petition was started in February to declare Antifa a terrorist organization. They were throwing M-80’s, glass bottles and bricks at Trump supporters in Berkeley and now they are selling concealed knives to be used. They must be dealt with.

This has gone too far.