CNN Guest: 'GOP Women are Trapped With Their Abuser, Which is Trump'

"The white women who voted for Trump: I want to say enough is enough."

In response to top White House aide Rob Porter's resignation amid allegations of domestic abuse, CNN has repeatedly hammered President Trump on the basis of guilt by association. During the 3:00 EST hour today, anchor Brooke Baldwin welcomed a panel to continue the ridiculous excoriation.

Guest Anushay Hossain -- Bangladeshi American opinion columnist -- had a severe message for women who voted for Trump, lecturing, "It is time to get out." Furthermore, the left-winger accused female Trump supporters of standing by the President "through pedophilia, through sexual harassment," and over "sexual assault."  

Moreover, according to Hossain:

"I feel like GOP women are trapped by their abuser, which is Trump...the majority of the white women who voted for Trump: I want to say enough is enough."

"White women?" Was Hossain saying that only whites voted for Trump, or was she saying that only white voters should be blamed for what she called Trump's "abuse?" In addition, the President has not committed any of the crimes Hossain mentioned.

Hossain went on to claim that, in situations of domestic violence accusations, "A white man's denial is worth more than a woman's word."

Wow. How racist will CNN allow its guests to be? There is no limit, it seems, just as there is no limit to the network's guests irrationally castigating America's elected President with hypocritical lies:

"The only time you really see any kind of human emotion from Trump is when he's standing up for serial abusers of women."

If Anushay Hossein wants a proper example of someone who stands up for a serial abuser of women, she'll need to turn her attention to Hillary Clinton. Hossein and the rest of the Left should well decry the defeated 2016 Democratic candidate's despicable defense of the crimes -- as well as her cruel treatment of the victims -- of her husband, Slick Willie.