Wolf Blitzer Hounds Florida Republican: ‘When' Will GOP ‘Ban Assault Weapons?’

“What do you say [to the pro-gun-control students] who don’t understand why you don't even want to consider a serious debate on this matter?”

The biased mainstream media is nothing if not relentless in pushing its agenda. In no area is this truer than the issue of gun control. Continuing its drive to disarm the citizenry, today CNN posited that every Republican -- regardless of one's stance on the 2nd Amendment -- is responsible for an American mass murder epidemic; therefore, it must enact gun legislation to stop it.

On Wolf Blitzer's show, he hounded moderate Florida Republican Chris Latvala, demanding to know "when" the GOP was going to "ban assault weapons."

Immediately, Wolf charged the state politician to respond to anti-gun teenagers from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High, the setting for last week's mass shooting, while also accusing Latvala of not wanting to have any political dialogue:

“What do you say [to the pro-gun-control students] who don’t understand why you don't even want to consider a serious debate on this matter?”

Latvala won't consider a serious debate? Gun rights are constantly debated in this country, as they no doubt will be in the Florida Senate. If there is anyone who doesn't want a debate -- wherein both sides are presented -- it's the left-wing media.

Regarding the state Republicans' refusal to take up a proposed assault weapons ban in the immediate aftermath of the mass murder, Latvala began to explain to Wolf that the bill was a political "stunt" on the part of the Democratic minority leader against Republicans who were denied the opportunity to review the bill. Furthermore, he said, there were ongoing discussions to address school violence. However, he was cut off mid-answer, with rapid fire from Blitzer, demanding to know "when" Republicans would instate "stricter gun control":

BLITZER: So let me, Congress -- Representative, representative, when do you want to begin a debate in the Florida state legislature to ban assault weapons?” 

BLITZER: Representative, when -- first of all, do you want to ban assault weapons in the state of Florida?
BLITZER: So when will the debate begin on banning assault weapons, on stricter gun control in the state of Florida in the aftermath of the massacre that happened last week?
BLITZER: When will there be an up and down roll call, a vote on what to do?

Wolf couldn't stop himself. Revealing the Left's ultimate goal of disarmament, he slippery-sloped right into other types of guns:

“How about a rifle? How old should someone be to buy a rifle?”

Latvala announced to Blitzer that he was a moderate regarding gun rights, having received a "D" rating from the NRA. 

Nevertheless, Wolf was rabid:

"You say you met with [the Parkland ant-gun teens]. You say you were moved by them. Will your colleagues be moved by them as well?”

Of course, to Wolf Blitzer and CNN, to be "moved" by hurting adolescents voicing leftist ideology is to legislate on the side of their political dogma. However, America is not merely one-sided; it is a place of varied viewpoints that actually do demand debate, which leftists fear. Moreover -- and surely to the dismay of Wolf Blitzer and others in the media -- just as students have the right to speak their left-wing beliefs, Americans have the right to bear arms.