Andrea Mitchell Literally Rolls Her Eyes With Contempt For Netanyahu While Interviewing Iran's Zarif

Following Tuesday's announcement that a deal had been reached in negotiations over Iran's nuclear program, MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell interviewed Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, and had a revealing moment all too typical for her show and the network in general.

As part of her line of questions about the implications of the deal being reached, Mitchell, with a contemptuous air of embarrassment, asked Zarif about comments from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. As she asked, she rolled her eyes, scoffed, sneered, and generally made her own opinion on the remarks abundantly clear.

Zarif responded with typical spin that Israel needs and wants conflict and does not want peace. He called Israel's position "the joke of the century", a response that elicited no probing from the Mitchell about Iran's own claims of peacefulness.

Andrea Mitchell is what passes for a "legitimate" journalist at MSNBC. But her bias is abundantly clear: Israel is evil and Iran is benevolent and John Kerry is a giant of history. Journalism, folks.