Alex Wagner Bashes Democrats 'Keep Your Plan' Bill


Alex Wagner began her MSNBC program on Monday by showing the disdain she has for the average American, implying they are too stupid to recognize a "crappy" health insurance policy.

Without mentioning the fact that Obama lied, Wagner pushed her belief that the uproar over the President's "you can keep your plan, period" lie was a mirage created by the Republican Party. She was only slightly more forgiving to the Senate Democrats who are working on a bill allowing those who are facing an Obamacare-forced loss of their health insurance to keep their plan, saying they are complicating an already complicated problem.

Who has got the short end of the stick? With a stick this short, it's hard to tell. After self-imposed calamity in the form of a pointless government shutdown followed by a health care debacle that has drawn comparisons to agony and public humiliation of 86-day long BP oil spill, both parties are feeling it. While the GOP isn't exactly sitting pretty with a 22% favorability rating, the new pew poll shows President Obama at 41% approval, a full 14 points down from his post re-election high. Meanwhile members of his own party are doing their best to make an already complicated situation that much more complicated. At least four Senate Democrats support a “Keep Your Plan” bill that would allow insurance companies to continue to offer substandard insurance plans in the individual market. Letting Americans keep their crappy health care plans because the GOP made the loss of said crappy health care plans a kind of national emergency doesn't exactly fit the description of long-term strategy.