Al Sharpton Guest: Trump ‘Wants Us Kneeling in the Cotton Fields Again’

Or perhaps it’s just a suggestion to stop acting like big babies.

Well, somebody had to do it and who better than the Rev. Al Sharpton to bring us some exclusive race-bating on the kneeling controversy in the NFL?

Monday on his PoliticsNation program on MSNBC, Sharpton invited former Chicago Bulls player Craig Hodges to weigh in and offer what was sure a pleasing soundbite for the “reverend.”

Sharpton read to his guest Trump’s tweet which stated, “If NFL fans refuse to go to games until players stop disrespecting our Flag & Country, you will see change take place fast. Fire or suspend!" He then asked for a response. Hodges said:

“Well, first of all, Rev. Al, I want to thank God for giving us the opportunity to wake up this morning and speak on behalf of our people, you know. And honestly speaking, when I look at where we are right now, it's beyond us getting justice in America. It's absolutely time for the Congressional Black Caucus to call for human rights violations that have occurred, past and previously, you know, and I think right now it's a civil rights issue within the context of what President Trump said the other night and as far as hampering athletes to be able to employ or get employment or gain employment.

“And, you know, when I think about his whole thing is when was Amer-, make America great again. Now we see that 1817 is more likely when he's thinking about America being great. As opposed to us kneeling on behalf of righteousness and justice, he wants us to be kneeling in the cotton fields again.”

Sharpton affirmed Hodges assessment. Then, Hodges went on to claim that President Trump is inciting a race war and needs to be dealt with:

“But it's a different day, in that we who are mindful, we have to stand up and battle this thing and it can't be us in a war of words, of back and forth. No, it's about making moves, like I'm talking about. Go to the World Court, reach outside of the nation for help from Brazil, Russia and China, India, South Africa, the BRICS nations who've made — Invest in black people, because right now, it's a standard that he has set where he's trying to set up race, a basic race war, and it's ugly, man. And then to hear him just to go off on black women, and women should be outraged all over the planet earth.”

Watch below via Newsbusters:

Back in his heyday, when Hodges wasn’t nailing three-point shots on the court for the Bulls, he was complaining about teammate Michael Jordan for not using his fame for social justice causes. Also, after the Bulls won the 1992 NBA Championship, Hodges went with the team to visit George H.W. Bush at the White House. He wore an African dashiki and hand delivered a letter to the president, chiding him for not doing more for minorities. Hodges later filed a $40 million lawsuit against the NBA in 1996 claiming he was blackballed for associating with Louis Farrakhan. Most recently, Hodges was invited by Dennis Rodman to play basketball in North Korea to celebrate Kim Jong-Un’s birthday in what he called “a goodwill gesture, as a brotherhood.” Hodges was ultimately denied entrance into the dictatorship because he missed a connecting flight.

But the end result is the same: once a race huckster, always a race huckster.