Ahead of New Year's Eve, Cologne Police Gear Up to Prevent Repeat of Mass Sexual Assaults

Police chief expecting thousands of migrant men from nearby refugee shelters to show up this year as well.

Police in Cologne are gearing up to prevent the repeat of mass sexual assaults like the ones that took place in the city two year ago, German newspapers report today. Thousands of migrant men from nearby refugee shelters are again expected to show up at Cologne’s central train station on New Year’s Eve, says the city’s police chief.

At the New Year’s Eve of 2015, thousands of migrant men raped and sexually assaulted more than 1,200 women victims outside the city’s historic cathedral, in an orgy of sexual violence. In the wake of the Migrant Crisis, Germany took in nearly a million immigrants in 2015 alone.

Authorities intend to deploy some 1,400 officers and 400 private security guards to secure the city center from migrant gangs.

Police have good reason to undertake security measures ahead of the New Year’s Eve. Last year, police were forced to detain hundreds of migrant men to prevent the situation from getting out of hand.

German newspaper Die Welt reported this year’s security arrangements:

Apparently, [the migrants] want to try it again. One could deduce this from the words of Cologne Police chief Uwe Jacob. He didn’t leave any room for doubt: Cologne Police are expecting at least a few hundred, probably even thousands of young men, “from refugee shelters” at the square between the central train station and the cathedral. (...)

A group of more than 2000, mostly young men of Arabic or Middle Eastern nationalities carried out sexual assaults – at an unprecedented scale – on News Year’s Eve, 2015.

Women were molested or raped by large groups of men. Police estimate the total number of victims to be 1276. The then-interior minister said that with the group sexual assaults, a new phenomenon has been imported to the country. Most of the assailants – as discovered later – had immigrated to Germany in 2015. (…)

A year later, at the New Year’s Eve of 2016, it happened again.

A group of some 2000, mostly young Arab and Middle-Eastern men besieged the Cathedral square. Police again observed the combative attitude and aggression among the men who had showed up.

At least the police were prepared the second time around and could prevent mass attacks. And now for the third time: with 1400 officers, 400 private security guards and zero tolerance, police hope to prevent a large number of young migrant men from gathering at the [former] crime scene to stop any crimes from taking place. [Translation by the author]

Despite numerous surveillance cameras and countless witnesses, apart from a handful of lenient convictions, most of the assailants have gone unpunished.

Having learned nothing from these incidents, German chancellor Angel Merkel is currently pushing for a EU-wide migrant relocation plan aimed at resettling hundreds and thousands of migrants across the EU member states. The mandatory relocation scheme intends to force Eastern European countries to open their borders to migrants, mostly men from Arab and Muslim countries.

Earlier this week, EU started legal proceedings against Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic for rejecting the Brussels migrant relocation plan.