Condell: Women, Defend Yourselves

"You need to wake up, and you need to do it now."

Pat Condell is back with a new video commentary, this time telling the brutal truth about the rape culture Europe has imported from the Middle East through its multiculturalist embrace of millions of so-called refugees.

Below is a list of links Condell helpfully provided to accompany his talk. Don't forget to check out his YouTube page here for more truth bombs. And definitely don't miss the riveting reality check he unleashes in the video above.

Germany’s migrant rape crisis. January 2017

Tunisians filmed gang raping Swedish woman. “They see it as something normal”

Sweden: 3 migrants arrested for live streaming a gang rape

Sweden: Migrant gets two months in prison for raping a 13 year-old girl

Austria: Family of nine Iraqis on trial for gang rape

One weekend in Germany. Two gang rapes by “southern types”

Belgium: Muslim gang rapists laugh in court

Afghan gang rapist gets to stay in Sweden

Afghan rapists claim they didn’t know rape was illegal

Sweden’s “feminist” government criticised for wearing headscarves in Iran

Anne Marie Waters, a real feminist

Half of German women feel unsafe in their own neighbourhood

Nearly half of Sweden’s women afraid to go out after dark

Migrants raped woman in wheelchair. Swedes have had enough.

Feminists and leftists respond to gang rape of woman in wheelchair with demonstration against racism

Female mayor of Cologne offers “code of conduct” to women assaulted and raped by Muslim migrants

Migrant rape fears across Europe. Women told not to go out at night alone

German minister: Critics of migrant rape are as bad as the rapists

Swedish woman raped for hours by migrant “children”

The truth about the “children” swarming into Sweden

Finland: Most “refugee children” are adults

Mass sexual assault in Sweden covered up by the media.

480,000 sex crimes against women in Sweden in one year. Nobody knows why. Complete mystery

Woman raped twice in an hour by different men. Police refuse to give a description.

1 in 4 Swedish women will be raped