Actress Michelle Williams: Trump's Election Proved Women Can't Be Anything They Want

What if they want to be a Republican?

Nothing beats bringing in the New Year with a nice Trump bash. Michelle Williams surely agrees, as she celebrates the start of 2018 with a reminder of what electing a Republican president can do to an already-oppressed minority. Oh, wait -- they're a majority. That would seem to destroy their whole angle. But alas, no: according to Williams, Trump's ascension to the highest office in the land is proof that women "cannot do or be anything they want."


The All the Money in World actress graces the cover of the February 2018 edition of Harper's Bazaar, in which she waxes poetic on the hardship of being a woman, the corruption of Hollywood, and the realities of Donald Trump as Commander-in-Chief.

As for the last of those topics, Harper's editor Erica Wagner writes of Williams's experience on election night, 2016:

“The night that Donald Trump was elected, she says, she – like so many people – put her little girl to bed with a smile on her face, both of them confident that they’d wake to the first female President of the United States,' Wagner said of Williams."

Wagner failed to mention that that "first female President" would subsequently be a woman mired in deep, sustained corruption across multiple decades. She also neglected to note the existence of "so many people" who put their daughters to bed that night praying the corrupt politician would absolutely lose. But this is the mainstream media -- they live on a bubbled cul-de-sac at the end of Left-wing Street, in the gated community of Echo Chamber Estates. According to their blinkered view of the world, America passionately loves Hillary Clinton.

Wagner references that heartbreaking moment when reality looks like a white male billionaire making an acceptance speech and striking down hope for a feminist, socialist America:

"But the next morning, Wagner continued, Williams’ 12-year-old daughter, Matilda, 'wept – and was then very angry with her mother' after she found out who won."

Therefore, count Michelle Williams among those leftists who despicably inculcate their children with fear and dread over the nightmare of conservative values.

"Then, in her own words, Williams recalled how President Trump’s win affected her daughter...'I think in the moment she realised that everything I’ve told her, everything I led her to believe, was not true,' Williams said. Or, 'We are not equal, we cannot do or be anything we want to be.'”

Unbelievable. So: if American voters -- both male and female -- wish not to vote into office a woman who has intimidated victims of sex crimes, made vulnerable our national security, and sold political influence to foreign governments via a pay-to-play scheme, then women have no equality and no potential to fulfill their dreams.

On the plus side, the Left teaching their daughters they can be nothing may hinder the expansion of their dangerous political agenda. Otherwise, Williams is just one more Democrat attempting to sell the lie of misogynistic Republicanism. The truth, of course, is that America is less sexist than the Left wants to admit. In 2016, a large portion of the country voted according to principle, not sexual politics. Hence, welcome to Trump-led 2018 America. Meanwhile, don't disturb Michelle Williams -- she's busy having her own ideas fed back to her by the one-dimensional community in which she lives:

"Williams concluded, 'She and I have been in a quiet rage ever since, and I think the same is true for every woman I know personally.'"