ABC Completely Ignores Disney Bonuses Due to Trump Tax Cuts

Three sure things: death, taxes, and left-wing media bias.

The left-wing media would rather lose a limb than give credit to President Trump for any good thing. That certainly applies to the effects of the GOP-led tax plan, which has resulted in fuller pockets for companies, spilling over into the wallets of their employees.

Case in point: Disney, which, as reported by CNBC and Bloomberg Tuesday -- thanks to the 2018 tax cuts signed by Trump -- has provided thousand-dollar bonuses for 125,000 of its employees. Furthermore, CEO Bob Iger stated the company will move to invest $50 million into an employee program for higher education due to the tax reform. Nevertheless, ABC's Good Morning America -- and news program World News Tonight -- completely omitted these revelations about their parent company from their coverage Wednesday.

GMA did run a segment on Disney, celebrating Minnie Mouse's 90th birthday. But mum was the word when it came to the company's extraordinary announcement subsequent to Republican tax efforts.

Disney isn't nearly the only corporation sharing the wealth provided by the Right. Starbucks, Walmart, Southwest, and Apple have all announced employee benefits from the savings. Electric companies have even told their customers to expect lower bills due to the legislation.

As Americans stand to win from Republican action, the networks remain silent. Between January 1st and January 12th, MRC Business reported only two mentions of any news of corporate benevolence among the Big Three. Moreover, in those two stories, nothing was mentioned about tax reform.

The Left would have citizens of the United States believe that Republicans destroyed the world with the new tax package. However, any rhetoric toward that end is just part of the latest installment of left-wing media lies.