Salon's Mother's Day Tribute: You're No More Special Than Anyone Else

Attacking "the cult of motherhood."

Last year, the leftist publication Slate posted possibly the ugliest anti-Mother's Day rant ever, in which feminist Rebecca Helm actually apologized to her mother for having been conceived, saying that hijacking her uterus​ was "one of the worst things I've ever done to my mother."

This year, that dubious award goes to Mary Elizabeth Williams of the ultra-left publication Salon, for her article, "Sorry about Mother’s Day, my childfree girlfriends: Moms aren’t any more special (or unselfish) than you." It doesn't quite sink to the level of Rebecca Helm's piece, but it reeks of a similar warped perspective on the "BS" she calls the "cult of motherhood," which one might expect from the woman who boldly declared "So what if abortion ends life?

In Salon, Williams writes:

There is a prevailing notion, even in an era in which women can presumably do other things with their lives than reproduce, that people who don’t are, as the title of a recent collection edited by the stellar Megan Daum puts it, “Selfish, Shallow and Self-Absorbed.” And that’s pretty amazing, when you consider that lots of lots of women don’t have kids. The US has one of the highest percentages of childlessness in the world.Anecdotally, I certainly know several childfree women, and I’d say the number of them I’d describe as selfish, shallow and self-absorbed is dead even with the number of mothers I’d describe that way. That’s why I’ve never understood women who circle the wagons and shut out their childfree friends once they cross over to Motherland. Honestly, a lot of other moms are annoying. In contrast, I went out the other night with two female friends who don’t have children and you know what we talked about? Books.

Williams seems to view motherhood as no more meaningful or important than any other ​experience ​or accomplishment women might have: "My friends without kids can check off a different box on the 'most profound, meaningful experience' form, and our boxes don’t have to be the same to be important," she writes. "I assume Debbie Harry and Gloria Steinem and Margaret Cho and Georgia O’Keeffe and Coco Chanel all did just fine checking off theirs."

Curiously, Williams is a proud mother herself"I have a supportive family and two loving, sweet daughters who are happy to shower me in homemade cards and cookies [on Mother's Day]," she writes. "I’m proud of my role as a mom, and as far as I’m concerned my kids are the most fascinating people in the world, so it’s easy to have a day to celebrate that relationship."

And yet this is the woman who said that "a fetus is a life worth sacrificing" and that if she were to get pregnant again, she'd "have the World's Greatest Abortion."

Apparently her daughters were lucky they were conceived when, as Williams says, she was "extremely fortunate to be able to choose when in my life I wanted to have kids."