Feminists Officially Endorse Rape Jokes

"yes, rape jokes can be funny"

Feminists have provided their official endorsement of rape jokes. After Golden Globes hosts Amy Poehler and Tina Fey took a few shots at Bill Cosby Sunday. Salon, Cosmopolitan, and even Lena Dunham gave their collective approval of the comedic treatment of the formerly taboo subject.

While Dunham—who claimed in her recent book that she was raped by the “campus conservative” “Barry” (a claim that has led to much controversy and threats of a lawsuit) and described pursuing her little sister like a “sexual predator”—laughed at the joke in the audience, feminist writers took to Twitter to cheer the power of rape jokes:



Declaring that feminism “won” the Golden Globes, Cosmopolitan senior political writer and feminist blogger Jill Filipovic explained on Twitter that rape jokes can in fact be funny if said by the right people, about the right people, and at the right time:





After getting crushed online for the tweets, a defensive Filiopovic returned to decry “misogynist”-infested Twitchy and Tumblr:




Meanwhile, Salon returned to its standard endorsement of all things tasteless, including the already infamous “butt-eating scene” from Dunham’s raunchy HBO show “Girls”:



H/T Twitchy.