Horowitz on Fox: Anti-Trump 'Riots' Are 'American Fascism'

"They shouldn't be called protests. They're riots."

Fox Business' Stuart Varney spoke briefly with Freedom Center founder David Horowitz about the recent violent protests against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Horowitz's newest book is Progressive Racism, volume 6 of the ongoing series of his collected conservative writings called The Black Book of the American Left.

"Could I say that those protests," Varney began after footage of the violence, "is that an example of 'progressive racism'?"

"Yeah," Horowitz responded. "It's an example of American fascism, is what it is."

Horowitz went on to note that these "protests" are in reality "riots" funded by the infamous George Soros and connected to such radical organizations as the Communist Party of the USA.

Watch the whole short clip above.