Bill Whittle: Tie-Dyed Tyranny

Back in the Bad Old Days, tyrants bent others to their will with machine guns and death camps. But what fig leaf can modern, touchy-feely, petty tyrants use to make sure other people remain "in compliance?" How about Saving the Planet?

In his latest FIREWALL, Bill Whittle examines the Tie-Dyed Tyranny that has taken root under the guise of environmentalism in Washington State.



Hi everybody. I’m Bill Whittle and this is the Firewall. 

The first half of the Twentieth Century was a time of truly unbelievable oppression and murder. In Germany and Russia, secret police forces such as the Gestapo or the NKVD used terror – murder and random arrests – to make millions obey the will of the handful of those pulling the levers of power. 

Now of course, in the early Twenty-First Century, packing people into cattle cars or shooting them in the back of the head in the basement of the Lubyanka Building, is considered bad form. So how does one of those petty bourgeois tyrants – those genetic defectives who simply are not happy unless you bend a knee to their will – get their way in this touchy-feely, politically-correct era? What fig leaf is there for these naked power and money grabs, now that the Worker’s Paradise or the Aryan Superman shams have been exposed? 

Well, how about if we save the planet? You like the planet, don’t you? You don’t want your children frying to a crisp or drinking insecticide, do you? Of course not. Give us all your freedom. That’ll be $40,000. 

That may sound a little hyperbolic, but that’s what’s a happening – all across the country but especially in the Northwest. 

I was in Washington State recently on a speaking engagement, and on the two-hour drive from Seattle airport to Bellingham, Washington, I got a chance to hear tales of our new Tie-Dyed Tyranny, the Dictatorship of the D-Student, the Empire of the Eco-Weenies, as related to me by Glen Morgan, Property Rights Director of the Freedom Foundation. 

What kind of Patchouli-scented Police State is there in Washington, and coming for the rest of us? Well, this kind:

Let’s say you and your children are hiking in beautiful Olympic National Park.  Oh, look! Moose antlers! If you or your child – who didn’t shoot the moose I hasten to add; you simply found the molted antlers lying on the trail – pick up the antlers – again, not leave the park with them but simply pick them up – well, that is a five thousand dollar fine and up to six months in jail, according to  Federal Law 36 CFR 2.1(a)(1)(i). That fine, of course, will go to the US Treasury to help pay for the billboards that we have posted in Mexico saying that deported illegals are welcome to come back to the United States. The main thing is to keep our priorities straight. 

After fifty years of trying to eradicate the incredibly destructive pocket gopher, a small but exploding population of these pests lives and breeds in the innumerable shell holes and ground fractures caused by the Ft. Lewis artillery range. A subset of these gophers -- of which we have no shortage – have been given endangered species protection by the US Fish and Wildlife Agency. Why give endangered status to a species that is in fact so out of control that it can only be called a pest? Well, because the males in this small sub-population apparently have larger-than-average reproductive organs. That’s not proven, by the way – merely asserted – but it was enough for the anti-growth, anti-human eco-weenie zealots in Thurston County to put draconian restrictions on what people can do own their own property in the name of protecting these fragile, delicate, large-membered gophers that were bred on an active artillery range. Since these are obviously conservative gophers the irony becomes almost unbearable. 

Here’s an act of eco-terrorism that must not go unpunished. This outdoor sculpture, located on the private property of the 40 year old Lambiel Museum, was put up 19 years ago. But a permit was not filed 19 years ago, and so the artists who created this modest statue, on private property, two decades ago, are being fined $1000 per week, because…

And while we could do this all day, let’s just close with the story of Joe Remenar, a former Department of Justice special agent who had performed drug interdiction missions in places as far away as Afghanistan. This domestic terrorist – in the eyes of Whatcom County, Washington State, at least – decided to put a pond on his own property. In order to process mercury tailings from his Gold mine? In order to bury radioactive waste from his nuclear reactor? 

No, in order to build a wetlands habitat for migrating birds. 

Joe was very careful when he built his pond. He did not apply for grants and spent not a dime of public money. He did not interrupt the flow of an existing stream. State fish and wildlife biologists reported that his pond was a clear and obvious wildlife enhancement project, which he built at his own expense on his own property. 

But, as Glen Morgan reported, for this crime against bureaucracy he was going to be punished. 

Whatcom Counties lead central planner – Lyn Morgan-Hill – determined that Joe Remenar must destroy his wildlife habitat in order to save his wildlife habitat. She ordered that the pond be filled back in, and that Mr. Remenar would have to pay one of the country-approved “preferred consultants” to have it done. 

Then, with the clear understanding of whose property that really is, Joe could beg forgiveness, ask and pay for the hefty fees necessary to get the permit, and then would be allowed to construct the exact same pond in the exact same place on the exact same piece of so-called “private property.” Heck, they probably would give him a government grant to do it. 

Once he takes a knee to his bureaucratic masters. 

Washington State now employs high-tech drones to photograph everyone’s private property several times a year, and high-tech software allows our aristocracy to determine if a peasant has had brush cleared, or a tree removed, deep in what used to be called that person’s “private property.” If any of these things have been done without a permit, large fines will be levied. You might think that this is simply because they want the permit money – well, they do, but that’s not the real reason. 

The real reason is because you will take a knee to your insect overlords and you will be in compliance with their lunatic regulations. It’s not about the environment. It’s about money and mostly it’s about power. And while it may still sound funny, or trivial, or both – it’s neither. Glenn calls the phenomenon Gang Green and the Government Staff Infection. It’s the bludgeon of control and extortion under the fig leaf of ecology, and it is – as Glen so cleverly puts it – an infection. It’s a disease. 

It’s a Tie-Dyed Tyranny, and it’s not just coming – it’s here.