Your Feel-Good Story of the Day: A Random Act of Honor for WWII Vet

More of this, please.

It’s all too easy to pass by someone wearing a veteran’s hat and never acknowledge his sacrifice for our freedom. But one young man served up a great reminder that taking a little extra time to shake their hand and offer a word of thanks can mean the world to our soldiers.

It was August 24 at New York’s Penn Station when an Amtrak employee noticed an older gentleman waiting to board wearing a hat indicating he fought in the Second World War. Instead of ignoring the man, the employee stopped and talked to him, thanking him for his service. The vet was grinning from ear to ear and said, “This is my home port, too.” The employee called for another employee to come and meet the man who identified himself as 99 years old. The young man was moved emotionally and encouraged a round of applause from everyone waiting in line.

“Thank you so much,” the employee said. “You paved the way for me.”

In a show of further appreciation, the veteran was escorted to the train so he could be the first to board.

Thankfully, it was all caught on video:

It’s nice to see a show of respect like this. The next vet you see, shake his or her hand and offer thanks for their service. It’ll make their day.