Racists at Evergreen Not Pleased to Learn Recent Temper Tantrums Immortalized on Video

The Internet is forever.

Video footage has emerged of racist agitators at Evergreen State College terrorizing school president George Bridges and other college administrators as they threw a collective temper tantrum over white supremacy .

Screaming about "white-a** administrators" and "black power," their histrionics and idiocy were immortalized on a video now circulating the Internet, and they're upset about it. Apparently, these "protesters" even want the local Attorney General's office to look into the matter. 

We'll give you a moment to compose yourself after laughing heartily before reading the details of their demands, via The CollegeFix:

“We demand that the video created for Day of Absence and Day of Presence that was stolen by white supremacists and edited to expose and ridicule the students and staff be taken down by the administration by this Friday.” Next steps:

Based on conversations with the Attorney General’s office, the most likely course of action requires an investigation. We commit to launching an extensive forensic investigation of the theft of this video and to determining who stole it from the student. If that investigation yields a suspect, we will seek criminal charges against the individual in consultation with the Attorney General.

The Fix enumerates some of the choice statements made by these barbarians during their bullying-session -- sorry, we mean "demonstration" (warning, strong language): 


— “Whiteness is the most violent f*ckin’ system to ever breathe!”

— “I’m tired of white people talking about what black and brown people need.”

— “These white-a** faculty members need to be holding HIM, and HIM, and ALL these people accountable!”

— “F*CK YOU [President] GEORGE [Bridges], we don’t wanna listen to a GODDAMN thing you have to say! No, you shut the f*ck up!”

— “I’m tellin’ you, you’re speakin’ to your ancestor, all right? We been here before you. We built these cities, we had civilization way before you ever had … comin’ out your caves.”

Behold the product of our higher education system.