Yep, Shaun King is Definitely White, Says Family

"[M]y life, my past, my pain, my family, ARE VERY REAL TO ME."

On Wednesday, Truth Revolt reported that key "Black Lives Matter" figure Shaun King was being investigated for pretending to be black and lying about his race so he could receive a black-only college scholarship from Oprah Winfrey. As of today, it has been confirmed by friends and family members that King, who claimed to have a black father, has been lying all along. 

Both Breitbart and CNN have spoken to a family member that confirmed King's true identity. Several childhood friends have also confirmed the same.

Regarding his allegations of being the victim of a hate crime because of the color of his skin, those same friends said the incident was actually over the fact that he was dating a black girl at the time.

As the story was breaking yesterday, a scrambling King sent out a slew of defensive tweets:











King added that people that have known him since elementary school have always "known [him] as black or bi-racial." And more to that point, he doesn't seem interested in coming clean if this next tweet is any indication:



In one instance of a horribly timed typo, King's original tweet read, "30. I did concoct a lie about my race to get a scholarship @Morehouse. I did not lie about my race to get a scholarship from @Oprah," before it was changed to:



It is also being reported that the conservative group Black Conservatives Fund PAC is offering a $25,000 donation to "Black Lives Matter" if King can take a DNA test or prove his father is black. 

Until then, King gets the final word: