Women of SNL Ignore Sex Assault Victims, Pledge Support for Franken

Guess they don’t have to follow their own rules.

Al Franken’s former Saturday Night Live female cast members and writers have signed their name on an open letter pledging full support of the Minnesota senator who faces sexual assault allegations from two different women.

Franken acknowledged a photo of himself groping a sleeping woman on a USO tour back in 2006 and has apologized for the behavior he said was meant to be “funny.” And even though modern feminism insists that all female victims be believed and the men accused ostracized, thirty-six writers, assistants, and other SNL alum, including cast member Jane Curtain, have taken Franken’s side and defend him as “a devoted and dedicated family man… and an honorable public servant:”

So, with the ever-changing rules of feminism, we should let Franken off easy because he didn’t molest 36 women he knows? Are we supposed to give him a prize for controlling himself? Sorry, we’re just a bit confused.