Planned Parenthood Shares Thanksgiving Advice

"How to Deal With Difficult People"

While taking some time to be grateful for the blessings of this life, Planned Parenthood wants to be sure to have propaganda at the ready. To this end, they posted about "how to deal with difficult people," by which, obviously, they mean conservatives. How about no?

Visiting family for Thanksgiving can be challenging. Your dinner companions may say hurtful, offensive things about race, gender identity, sexual harassment and assault, birth control coverage, abortion, or any number of topics — which can feel stressful, isolating, or enraging.

Apparently, social justice Thanksgivings involve giving thanks for the ability to dispose of the unborn and feelings of rage towards those difficult people who think that's wrong. The super-helpful folks at Planned Parenthood have four steps for getting through it: Self care, Build allyship with family members who love and respect you, Engage people in conversation, and Take a stand. 

They also have a link to this post specifically on how to talk about abortion at the holidays in case you want to be the absolute worst guest at any gathering. 

I usually find it best just to steer the topic away from topics which might upset those around me in mixed company, especially at the holidays, but what do I know? I'm one of those difficult people who doesn't even think abortion is an appropriate way to deal with an inconvenient pregnancy.