Ohio Dem Overshares: 'I was Sexually Intimate with 50 Very Attractive Females'

Okay, so THIS is the strangest defense Al Franken has received.

2017 is the actual worst.

As more and more men are getting accused of sexual harassment, some have decided that they need to go to great — bizarre, even — lengths to ensure theywon't be next. Sitting Ohio Supreme Court Justice, and Democratic candidate for governor, Bill O'Neill decided that the best thing to do to get ahead of anyone looking to dig up dirt on him was to grossly overshare his sexual conquests on Facebook. Worse yet, he used it as a defense of Sen. Al Franken. Not sure why he felt it necessary to air his dirty laundry, but here you go: 



Dude, why?

The Al Franken issue isn't about sexual partners he had in the past or about "sexual indiscretions," it's about an allegation of sexual assault, and this does literally nothing to protect himself against such allegations. By adding details like "very attractive," "passionate," and "sooooo," one wonders if the impetus for this post has something to do with the marijuana he is so keen to legalize or, alternatively, if it was written by a 14 year-old girl. 

And before anyone thinks this is forged, or his account was hacked; the post was edited for clarity! The original is below, which oddly names Sen. Bob Taft as O'Neill's "first true love:" 

This is so profoundly weird, it can only be 2017.