Woman's Egg Fertilized by Dog for Art Project

Her poor dog, Byron.

In case you're wondering where we are as a society on that whole "valuing life" thing, a Slovenian woman has had one of her human lady eggs fertilized by a dog. She's calling it art.

In case you're wondering where we are as a society on that whole "art" thing, the project, called K-9_topology, actually won an award. The "artist" Maja Smrekar used her Scottish Border Collie Byron's cells to artificially fertilize her own eggs as a way to celebrate the relationship and bond between humans and dogs. The New Zealand Herald reports that the cells used were non-reproductive cells (not sperm), but details weren't given, for which I suppose we can all be grateful, if curious. 

Wonder what other pieces of art she submitted to celebrate this relationship? Well, I'm telling you anyway. She breastfed an Icelandic Sheepdog named Ada, and used the hormone Seratonin from both herself and the put-upon Byron to create a fragrance called "I Hunt Nature and Culture Hunts Me." The Prix Arts Electronica jury, which awarded Smrekar the Golden Nika for Hybrid Art said "K-9_Typology is a true hybrid artwork with a profound bio-political message and is certain to bring a lot of discussion from both the art and science sides."

So, in short, we're doomed.