Woke: NYT Hires ‘Gender Editor

Like that rag needed to lean any more left.

After pitching an idea to The New York Times three years ago, Jessica Bennett finally has the job of her dreams — “gender editor” for the Gray Lady, tipping the rag even further to the left.

Bennett was known to The Times, where she had contributed pieces several times, so hiring her was a no-brainer. Plus, she was an editor at Newsweek and authored Feminist Fight Club: A Survival Manual for a Sexist Workplace, something she considers “part manual, part manifesto.” She also was in charge of the first ever “live-GIFed presidential debate” as executive editor for Tumblr.

Once Bennett learned that the NYT was finally ready for a gender editor, she figured it was the right time to jump aboard. She says it was the election of Donald Trump that has made this seem more like a mission than a job. 

“I knew I wanted to help shape the coverage,” Bennet said.

The NYT says Bennet will “reimagine the news through an intersectional lens — and not just in one section of the paper.” That seems to be the pattern, especially in light of revelations that the NYT has been exposed for pushing its anti-Trump agenda straight to the front page.

“The reality is that institutions, and old-school media institutions, were primarily created by and for white men," Bennett claimed. "But that has changed."

So, here’s yet another reason not to read The Times, not that we needed another reason.

Source: Washington Free Beacon