Joy Reid: Only Fox News Viewers Have Heard of MS-13

"He makes it sound like they're the biggest threat.”

During his State of the Union address Tuesday night, President Trump made mention of the evil MS-13 gang which has infiltrated our nation and internationally. He even invited to the event the parents of two teens whom MS-13 had brutally murdered; when Trump acknowledged them during his speech, they received a standing ovation. This didn't sit well with the grumpy Democrats in attendance, because their party craves power above all else and therefore they are indifferent to the suffering caused by the rampant criminality that follows in the wake of their open borders obsession.

Case in point: as reported by Fox News, while analyzing the speech with Hardball host Chris Matthews, MSNBC host Joy Reid tried to diminish President Trump’s mention of the "savage" gang by claiming that MS-13 isn’t a major issue and the only people that have even heard of the gang are viewers of Fox News.

“He gives a speech tonight," Reid said, "in which he makes it sound like the biggest issue in the United States, the biggest threat is MS-13, a gang nobody that doesn't watch Fox News has ever heard of. So he makes it sound like they're the biggest threat.”

Of course, Trump did not make MS-13 sound like the biggest issue facing the country. His point was that "glaring loopholes" in our broken immigration system allowed MS-13 to metastasize across the country, and law-abiding American citizens are paying the price.

It is patently false to claim that MS-13 is some obscure little group of thugs that "only" Fox News viewers know about. Fox News itself identified many, many news outlets that have reported on the gang, including Reid's own MSNBC:

A search of “MS-13” on CNN’s website reveals dozens of articles that mention the gang. The gang has been mentioned in an assortment of New York Times headlines in recent memory, such as a June 2017 article titled, “39 members of MS-13 are arrested, authorities say,” and a July 2017 article headlined, “Trump will visit Long Island in the wake of MS-13 gang arrests.” 

If the Times is too high-brow for the MSNBC star, USA Today has also covered the gang extensively. A video on the site from Nov. 2017 is headlined, MS-13 gang member arrested in Maryland murder.”

USA Today even covered the gang back in 2012 when the Obama-era feds decided to label MS-13 a criminal group. 


“MS-13 is an example of some of the worst of criminal gang behavior,” Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., told Matthews on the very same show on which Reid appeared.

News organizations, including the Washington Post, HuffPost, The New Yorker, The Hill, New York Post, PBS, New York Daily News, Los Angeles Times, Daily Mail, Time and Slate have all covered the dangerous gang.

When asked about Reid's callous comments by Laura Ingraham on her Fox News show, Elizabeth Alvarado - one of the parents who were honored at the State of the Union address - shook her head and said, "I have no words."

The upshot is not that Trump is exaggerating the threat of MS-13, but that Joy Reid is downplaying it, because as a Democrat, she doesn't care about the downsides for American citizens of the left's single-minded focus on embracing and expanding illegal immigration in order to swell the Democrat party's voter base. In the process of dismissing Trump's mention of the threat as merely throwing red meat to the “audience he wants applause from,” Reid was also dismissing those grieving parents and the countless others whose lives have been traumatically affected by such criminality.

Joy Reid said this because she and the Democrats don't care about victimized American citizens. They don't care who dies or who suffers as long as more and more illegal aliens, a significant proportion of whom are violent criminals, flood into the country and vote Democrat.