Williams: Bundy's Remarks Don't 'Undermine Concerns Over Gov't Overreach'

Fox News contributor Juan Williams appeared on the Ben Shapiro Show with KTTH to discuss the latest developments in the Cliven Bundy case, in which video surfaced of the Nevada rancher saying racist remarks in regards to black people. While Williams found Bundy's comments offensive, he conceded they shouldn't shut down the debate on government overreach. 

Williams explained that Bundy's biggest issue now is whether people are willing to give him the "benefit of the doubt," since support for him hinged on America's moral outcry against government overreach. Now, Williams says, people most likely won't wish to side with him because of his remarks.

Shapiro asked Williams if Clive Bundy's comments should detract from the greater debate of government overreach. Williams agreed that it shouldn't.

The thing is here, in the way that we work in our current media culture, as you point out: If you undermine someone's credibility, then it calls into question all his [Bundy's] other assertions, but it doesn't undermine, as you are rightly pointing out, concern over government overreach.