'Will and Grace' Actress Proud of Her Son's Anthem Protest

“Who’s crying? I’m not crying. #BLM (Black Lives Matter)”

A former star of Will & Grace, the sitcom that did more to normalize homosexuality in the United States than any political , tearfully commended her son on social media for sitting during the national anthem at a hockey game.

Fox News reports that avowed Trump-hater Debra Messing sparked some online anger after posting a photo on Instagram of her son's protest at a recent New York Rangers game at Madison Square Garden. He had asked her permission to protest, which moved Messing's anti-patriotic soul.

The post, which seems to have been removed from Instagram, shows her son with hand over heart but sitting during the playing of the national anthem. It read:

“’Please stand for the Star Spangled Banner.’

Son: ‘Mom, I want to sit down in protest. Can we do that?’

Me: ‘Yes, honey. We can do that.’

“Who’s crying? I’m not crying. #BLM (Black Lives Matter)”

The UK Daily Mail reports that her Instagram post inspired both supporters and detractors. One of the latter wrote,


"You teach your kid to respect a cop hating group that inspired the killing of police?! You should be ashamed!! Teaching your son to hate his country and the police!"

Fox News noted that active duty U.S. Army officer, writer and commentator Jeremy Hunt told Fox & Friends on Monday that the actress's post shows we can’t take patriotism for granted any more.

“We have to instill these values in the next generation and be very intentional about how we do it... We should really be teaching the next generation…to basically honor and cherish this country,” said Hunt.

Like most leftist celebrities, Debra Messing is big on virtue-signaling. Almost a year ago she drew fire for a laughable selfie she posted on Twitter "in solidarity with Muslims and immigrants #NoBanNoWall." The subsequent online ridicule was delicious. Just two examples below: