Weinstein in 2009: ‘Hollywood has the Best Moral Compass, Because it has Compassion’

Tell us more, oh, wise one.

Harvey Weinstein will never again be able to pontificate on morality. His credibility is as dead as his future in Hollywood. But back in 2009, when he was happily exposing himself to young actresses and promising them big movie roles if they kept quiet, he dared to take the moral high ground and claim that Hollywood was “the best moral compass” for the nation:

"Hollywood has the best moral compass, because it has compassion. We were the people who did the fundraising telethon for the victims of 9/11. We were there for the victims of Katrina and any world catastrophe."

That’s what Weinstein told The Los Angeles Times eight years ago, but there’s something else that increases the creep factor even more: he said this as a defense of director Roman Polanski, who raped and sodomized a 13-year-old girl on the infamous casting couch back in the 1970s. 

In 2009, Polanski was captured at a film festival and detained in Switzerland. There were negotiations between US authorities and the Swedes to extradite the director back to the states so that he could be punished for that crime from which he fled the country decades prior. Weinstein started a petition signed by a lot of other rich and famous people to free Polanski so he wouldn’t have to pay for the rape. Excuse, me… the “so-called crime,” as Weinstein put it:

“Whatever you think about the so-called crime, Polanski has served his time. A deal was made with the judge, and the deal is not being honored… This is the government of the United States not giving its word and recanting on a deal, and it is the government acting irresponsibly and criminally."

You can really feel the compassion he's talking about for that innocent teenager, no? That's because for folks like Polanski and Weinstein, their compasses only point to themselves.

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Photo credit: Thomas Hawk via Foter.com / CC BY-NC