Weather Channel Uses Kids to Scare Parents That Climate Change Destroying Earth

Gosh, mom and dad are just sooooo stupid.

Using children to further an agenda: it’s a shameful tactic but one that isn't beneath the Left when a message needs to reach the masses.

The Weather Channel has produced a video full of kids pleading with their clueless parents that, “climate change is real, it’s bad, and it’s caused by humans.” Had mom and dad only paid attention in science class, they’d know that 97% of scientists agree. But the moldable minds of children know better.

Some of the “clear facts of science” touted in the video are that because of climate change “it rains harder now,” “sea levels are rising,” “hottest year on record,” and President Obama’s favorite, it’s “a major threat to national security.” But children said it passionately so it must be true!

The Climate Depot, however, has thoroughly debunked each of those points and more which you can read here.

The founder of The Weather Channel and noted climate change skeptic John Coleman is appalled by the use of children in this alarmist propaganda:

“Right or wrong, using children to promote a point of view borders on immoral. Even knowing that climate change is not happening, it is far beneath my values to use children to promote this truth.

“The people who produced this video may believe that man-made climate change is underway and that the future of life on Earth is in the balance. They may feel the use of children to warn us about this is totally appropriate. If the people who produced this video don’t know if man-made climate change is actually happening, but their income from government funding depends on it, so they come up with the idea of using children to make an emotional appeal, this would be shameful and border on abuse.

“I do not know which of the above situations is valid, but I know without a doubt that there is no significant threat to the future climate of Earth from the industrialized civilization we have created and the drastic climate changes predicted by the Al Gore clan and the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change are not occurring and are based on an invalid theory. But I will not stoop to the use of children to promote my position.”