WATCH: Gun Owner Destroys AR-15 After Florida School Shooting

The new virtue-signaling trend.

New Yorker Scott Pappalardo is a proud gun owner who has a Second Amendment tattoo on his arm, but after the recent school shooting in Florida, he decided to saw his AR-15 in half so that it could never be used to kill. He filmed the deed for a Facebook post titled, “My drop in a very large bucket,” and it has been viewed over 14 million times since Saturday.

Pappalardo states that he purchased the firearm over 30 years ago and that it is a legally-registered, pre-ban AR-15. It was after Sandy Hook that he began considering giving up the gun “if it would only save one child.” But he didn’t. Five years later, Pappalardo feels his “empty words” have caught up to him now that 17 more lives were taken at the Parkland high school. 

Now, the gun owner thinks its time to consider whether a weapon like the one he holds in the video “is acceptable in today’s society.” He thought about selling it but said he couldn’t because of a what-if scenario: “What if whoever buys this weapon their child gets hold of it and brings it to school one day and shoots a bunch of people?” Pappalardo decided he couldn’t live with that thought.

So on his back deck, Pappalardo cut the AR-15 in half and declared:

“People have always said there’s so many of them out there. Now, there’s one less… I can’t live knowing that my gun’s out there and it can one day, possibly, commit a horrific act like the other day in Florida.”

Sounds like he missed the memo that guns don’t kill, people kill.


By Sunday, Pappalardo had created another viral attempt showing his destroyed weapon and the hashtag, #oneless:

But he wasn't the only one busy ridding themselves of weapons. There are others who are doing the same:

Even last year after the Las Vegas massacre, an AR-15 owner smashed his with an ax: