WATCH: CNN Anti-Gun Town Hall a Firing Range for Targets Loesch, Rubio

This was a well-orchestrated bloodbath.

On Wednesday night, CNN hosted a town hall on guns and invited the student and teacher survivors of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High in Parkland, Florida. As CNN no doubt expected, the arena was full of angry, emotional anti-Second Amendment folks chomping at the bit to shout down anyone not screaming “gun control now” or “end the NRA.”

That’s why the network invited National Rifle Association spokeswoman Dana Loesch and Republican Florida Sen. Marco Rubio as easy targets for the angry mob. The evening was moderated by State of the Union host Jake Tapper, but Tapper didn’t so much moderate as he did lead Loesch and Rubio to slaughter.

In the footage above, Loesch was asked a question by one of the students from the high school who has emerged as one of the leading voices of the new wave of anti-gun youth, media darling Emma Gonzalez. She has become most recognized because of her shaved head, a là #MeToo mouthpiece and actress Rose McGowan.

"Dana Loesch, I want you to know that we will support your two children in the way that you will not,” Gonzalez said arrogantly. “The shooter at our school obtained weapons that he used on us legally. Do you believe that it should be harder to obtain the semi-automatic and - - weapons and the modifications for these weapons to make them fully automatic like bump stocks?"

Loesch delivered several well-reasoned points and was compassionate to the teens’ cause, but was eaten alive by the crowd which booed and jeered incessantly. These shouts emboldened Gonzalez to interrupt Loesch and steer her to a more direct answer about banning weapons, knowing full well that’s not the NRA’s position, nor is it backed by the Second Amendment. But emotion sells these days.

Loesch tried to silence the roar: “Let me answer the questions. Let me answer the question. You can shout me down when I'm finished, but let me answer Emma's question."

But no one was interested in listening. A shout from a female in the crowd went out, “Murderer,” which caught on among the crowd. “Murderer!” they shouted.

The interruptions were so persistent that Gonzalez told them to quiet down so she could listen to Loesch and offer a “rebuttal.” Tapper’s scant pleas were no match for this unruly crowd.

Things were no less out of control when Sen. Rubio got to the stage. The scene was set as if CNN orchestrated it, and we know that's one of its favored tactics. Rubio faced student Cameron Kasky, another media darling given lots of air time since the shooting. He looked the senator right in the face and said:

“Senator Rubio, it's hard to look at you and not look down the barrel of an AR-15 and not look at Nikolas Cruz.”

Equating Mardo Rubio with a monster who killed 17 people wasn’t contested by Tapper, the so-called moderator, nor were Kasky’s other snarky, disrespectful questions. Kasky pressed one issue with Rubio and that was asking him not to accept any more campaign donations from the NRA. 

Rubio explained that was the “wrong way to look” at the situation, but Kasky carried on with another emotionally-charged question:

“So right now in the name of 17 people, you cannot ask the NRA to keep their money out of your campaign?”

It is clear that this “town hall” was not about having a fruitful discussion on guns but a well-orchestrated bloodbath that allowed angry teenagers to say whatever they wanted to adults with the fewest corrections possible. Nothing was solved and while it may have earned good ratings for CNN, the network’s partisan hackery was on full display for all to see.