WATCH: 10 Minutes of Media Silencing Hillary Critics

“Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop.” — Don Lemon

Here at TruthRevolt, we’ve covered the many times the mainstream media have silenced guests and contributors for criticizing Hillary Clinton. But a new video compilation has collected them all in one place and gives 10 minutes worth of footage to prove the bias from places like MSNBC and CNN — rightfully dubbed the Clinton News Network.

It’s stunning to see these outlets actively defend someone they should be taking to task. Hillary Clinton has delivered an unlimited number of deep-seated scandals that would’ve buried anyone else’s political career: Multiple e-mail scandals, the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi due to her incompetence, the Clinton foundation actively lobbying the very State Department she headed, and on and on. But the media turns a blind eye, as evidenced in this video. 

Liberal hosts, like Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper, clearly on Clinton’s side, cut video feeds and microphones claiming technical glitches, they silence guests, shout them down each and every time a criticism is brought up and backed up with facts — facts that even the networks previously broadcast!

This video is all the proof needed to show the media’s liberal bias. It should be played on a loop for all to see. 

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