Wasserman Schultz Threatens Cop for Gathering Evidence about Staffer’s Alleged Security Crimes

What's she hiding?

There’s nothing more annoying than seeing politicians abuse their power, and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz has done enough of that already. Recently, she threatened Police Chief Matthew R. Verderosa, telling him there’d be “consequences” for him trying building a case against one of her staffers who’s been accused of cybersecurity breaches. The Daily Caller has more:

The Florida lawmaker used her position on the committee that sets the police force’s budget to press its chief to relinquish the piece of evidence Thursday, in what could be considered using her authority to attempt to interfere with a criminal investigation.

The Capitol Police and outside agencies are pursuing Imran Awan, who has run technology for the Florida lawmaker since 2005 and was banned from the House network in February on suspicion of data breaches and theft.

“My understanding is the Capitol Police is not able to confiscate Members’ equipment when the Member is not under investigation,” Wasserman Schultz said in the annual police budget hearing of the House Committee On Appropriations’ Legislative Branch Subcommittee.

“We can’t return the equipment,” Police Chief Matthew R. Verderosa told the Florida Democrat.

“I think you’re violating the rules when you conduct your business that way and you should expect that there will be consequences,” Wasserman Schultz said.

Wasserman Schultz should know what the rules are before she starts threatening people. Police Chief Verderosa didn't back down, as he continues to build a criminal case against the Pakistani staffer who's accused of taking sensitive congressional data offsite. What is it with Democrats these days? Is mishandling confidential information and disrespecting police mandatory requirements before joining the party?

As Twitchy wrote, "Like a good Democrat, she threatened his salary. And they wonder why they lost the election?"

Watch the video below to see just how dumb she can be:

Image Credit: Medill DC