'WaPo': Now That Obama's Been Gone a Year, America Returns to Misery

Sad face.

As America approaches the one-year mark without left-wing Savior Barack Obama to wisely guide its way, the U.S. returns to misery. At least, that's the declaration of The Washington Post:

"Extreme poverty returns to America - -The U.N. finds growing numbers of Americans are living in the most impoverished circumstances. How did we get here?"


And it's the finding of...the U.N.??

Twitter got the joke:



The transparent and predictable timing of the mainstream media is just sad.







At least one follower noted the obvious: poverty doesn't change within a year of a presidential election due to that president:

Some called out the bizarre use of the U.N. as source for America's health report:



As you wish.

According to Social Solutions, 564,708 Americans were homeless in 2016 -- after two terms of America's 2nd black president. Where was The Washington Post's outcry then? Perhaps it was somewhere stifled beneath the mainstream media's incessant praise of Barack Obama.