WaPo Makes Light of Sex Abuse: Don’t Be Harvey Weinstein at Holiday Party

Wait, aren’t we supposed to take this seriously?

The Washington Post decided it was time to look at the lighter side of the Harvey Weinstein sex abuse scandal and offer a humorous guide for men attending a “holiday party” and teach them how not to grope, grab, and stick their tongues down unwilling women’s throats — because it’s never too soon to poke fun at a serious situation.

The Left tells us to “believe all women” and to mind our Ps and Qs when it comes to how we treat alleged victims of sex abuse. But apparently it’s okay for The Post to ignore the rules and insult the victimized with good old-fashioned comedy.

The story is promoted with the colorful graphic above and the caption:

No one wants to be Weinstein. Let us help you survive an office holiday party without landing in HR.

As if landing in the human resources department is worse than sexually abusing a woman. Also, is the pro-feminist WaPo suggesting a way around sexual harassment allegations by explaining to men how to approach the line without crossing it? Making matters even more sticky, the series of questions and answers was penned by a female author, Lisa Bonos:

Can I talk to my colleagues, or should I hide in a corner and work on my year-end evaluation? 

Depends. Can you engage in conversation without whipping out your genitals or forcibly kissing an underling? It’s a difficult question, we know. If you succeed, be sure to note this in your evaluation.

My co-worker, she’s so hot. Surely, that dress is really saying: Show me your manhood.

No, no it is not. Ask yourself: What would Harvey Weinstein do? Now do the opposite.

Bonos offers even more advice to the predatory patriarchy:

Do not stick your tongue down her throat near the hors d’oeuvres platter. Do not pin her against a wall in front of your boss.

Before getting physical, state your intentions and get consent before moving in for a kiss.

The writer ends her piece saying, “We have lots more work to do,” as a way to say women have so much more to teach all of us sexually depraved men; as if women aren't capable of putting themselves into vulnerable situations and as if all guys at a party are seeking to abuse women. We're all for using the First Amendment freedoms to find a humorous angle of a serious story, but we're told this is not a laughing matter. So, excuse us for wondering why Bonos — an avowed feminist — is so flippant toward victims?