WaPo Magazine Fawns Over Obamas in 12-Page Photo Spread

This is truly nauseating.

Newsbusters reports that Sunday's edition of The Washington Post Magazine jumped the shark of Obama-worship with a 12-page spread of photos taken by White House staff photographer Pete Souza (famous for having snapped the shot of a rainbow appearing to shoot from the palm of Obama while boarding a plane to leave Jamaica). The headline was "The Obama Years: during his two terms, the sources of a president's strength were always on display."

Really? From his apology tours to caving in to Iran's nuclear ambitions to reducing our military to empowering our enemies at home and abroad, America and the world saw precious little strength from the mom jeans-wearing Barack Obama in the last eight years.

The Post butt-kissing only gets worse from there.

Post Magazine articles editor Marcia Davis wrote a gag-inducingly sycophantic essay to accompany the Obama photos, as evidenced by the sub-headline: "He amazed with his range. And graced us with his passion. He confounded, too." Um, yes, he confounded American citizens who are accustomed to our presidents at least pretending to care about American interests.

As further indication of the depths of idolatry to which the magazine knelt, Newsbusters excerpted a chunk of the essay, reposted below and interspersed with our own commentary in italics:

In the beginning some engaged in a bit of magical thinking about a “post-racial” America.

What?! "Some" engaged in "a bit of magical thinking" about a post-racial America? Obama literally campaigned on that promise, the left rapturously lifted him up as the post-racial messiah, and many millions of Americans believed he would heal not only the racial divide but the oceans as well.

Others knew better, that the country was far from such a thing.

If we didn't know better then, we do now, after eight years of Obama ratcheting up the racial tension in this country to the very verge of a race war. Way to heal us, Barack.

Then there were those who saw a world turned upside down: Where others saw promise, they saw peril. Social progress looked like a threat.

By "social progress," of course, the Post means the subversion of American exceptionalism. And yes, that kind of progress is a threat.

But there the Obamas stood, a portrait of family and fortitude.

At this point it's hard not to laugh out loud at the silly pomposity of the writing.

Through it all — the rescuing of a collapsed economy; the fights to address health care and climate change and national security; and the hunt for Osama bin Laden; and efforts at education, immigration and gun control; the unyielding wars and drone strikes and deportations; an open Guantanamo; and Republican obstructionism — this is what held fast: dignity, family, a joyfulness to be of service.

But mostly the Obamas held fast to a joyfulness of $100 million worth of vacations at taxpayer expense and a joyfulness with improving his golf handicap.

Even in the face of racism — pointed or veiled — they forged ahead through the work, and loved and laughed and celebrated.

Pardon us while we reach for our air sickness bag.

And there was the birth of White House cool.

And it's so important that a President be cool, isn't it?

A garden was flush with vegetables.

Oh, good Lord. Rome is burning but all is well because Michelle has a patch of carrots and lettuce in the Rose Garden.

He amazed with his range: He could lecture on the Constitution and explain the profundities of rap artist Kendrick Lamar.

The only point upon which Obama, the purported Constitutional scholar who never published a single article on the topic, ever lectured about the Constitution was that it is a "flawed," outdated document that restricted his authoritarian impulses. And what profundities, exactly, can be attributed to rap "artists"?

And surprised: A man with impeccable comedic timing — often self-deprecating — and steeled nerves.

The mind boggles. Is this what the media have been reduced to? Adoring a president for his joke-telling?

And of course, it wasn't enough for the Post to print this orgasm of Obama-hagiography; it also had to delegitimize Donald Trump. Newsbusters comments, "In the very same issue as the 12-page sticky valentine/photo album from the Obama Fan Club," writes Newsbusters, "the Post Magazine ran a 12-page spread by their Trump-investigating reporter David Fahrenthold. That headline was 'My Year With Trump: A Post reporter on uncovering the would-be president's record on charitable donations and receiving that notorious video.' The president-elect is merely 'the would-be president,' after he won?"

It's important to keep that "magical thinking" about Obama's legacy alive.