Undercover Video: U.S. Immigration Officer Unconcerned with Fake Syrian Passports

Bring us your poor, your tired, your fake passports. All jihadists are welcome.

Pamela Geller's American Freedom Defense Initiative sent its reporter Laura Loomer undercover to a United States Citizenship and Immigration Services office and learned that fake passports aren’t that big a deal and that immigration documents are often waived, especially for asylum seekers.

Here is the setup: Loomer visited the USCIS office in Port Chester, NY on January 6th and proceeded to tell an employee that she knew a family of five from Syria who came to America with fake passports. She indicated that they are very scared and didn’t want to come in themselves because they were scared to get in trouble. Loomer told the employee, identified only as Sergio, that she was there to “make sure that they are integrated and they get immigration services.”

Sergio was more than understanding and informed the young lady, “We waive, sometimes, the passports or whatever… because they are unable to provide them.”

“The fake passport is one thing,” he added. “we are going to use the name that was on the passport as a.k.a, also known as. Chances are considering the situation in Syria, that they are not going to be sent back.”

Then there’s this according to the federal employee:

“Was there ever a situation where people came with fraudulent documents and qualified for asylum? Yes, because it’s understood that they cannot always obtain genuine documents. So, it’s far from being unique.”

Neither is it unique that they are given work permits and giving all sorts of entitlements to illegal immigrants. But as is stated in the video, Sergio isn’t to blame for what he is saying as he is just doing as he’s been instructed. 

As Geller notes in the press release for this video, the Paris and Brussels attackers all entered the West using fake passports.