Meryl Streep Accused of Being Anti-Israel at Golden Globes

"The anti-Israel Left refuses to say 'Israel.'"

On top of all the other backlash Meryl Streep has deservedly brought upon herself for her insulting, hypocritical, highly politicized acceptance speech at the Golden Globes, now she is accused of being "anti-Israel" after saying that actress Natalie Portman was from Jerusalem, not Israel at the Sunday event.

Streep, who was honored with a Cecil B. DeMille lifetime achievement award, took the opportunity to attack Donald Trump amid her largely sympathetic privileged peers. In the process she managed to insult Trump supporters, fans of the NFL and MMA, and now supporters of the state of Israel as well.

The UK Daily Mail reports that, while defending immigrants against Trump's (false) reputation of being anti-immigrant, Streep listed some fellow actors and their birthplaces:

"The beautiful Ruth Negga was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and was raised in Ireland... Ryan Gosling, like all the nicest people, is Canadian. And Dev Patel was born in Kenya, raised in London, is here playing an Indian, raised in Tasmania. Sarah Paulson was born in Florida... Amy Adams was born in Vicenzia, Italy, and Natalie Portman was born in Jerusalem. Where are their birth certificates?"

Some on social media picked up on a possible anti-Israel bias due to the fact that, unlike most of the others she mentioned, Streep noted only that Portman was from Jerusalem, and not the country of Israel. Filmmaker Joel Gilbert, for example, tweeted that "the anti-Israel Left refuses to say 'Israel.'"


Even Kellyanne Conway got into the act:

Next time, Meryl, maybe just say thank you and sit back down.