Violent Chicago Needs More Cops, But Soda Tax Plan Failed and Over 100 Jobs Gone

Big government needs lead to big government failures.

With record-breaking violence in one of the worst counties in the nation, Chicago desperately needs more cops. But the city’s plan to tie the new hires to a soda tax plan failed to achieve that goal when the tax was restrained by a Cook County judge.

The Chicago Tribune reported that the Cook County Sheriff’s Office was expected to begin training 66 new recruits but instead had to suspend them and lay off the 47 people that had already begun training last month. It seems the city put all its eggs into the soda tax-basket and it fell flat.

The soda tax was proposed to collect over $67 million this year and over $200 million for fiscal year 2018, Fox News noted. However, after the Illinois Retail Merchants Association, alongside grocery stores, complained the tax was vague and unconstitutional, a judge temporarily blocked the tax.

Other city workers were affected, as well, including 12 county courthouse employees and 69 employees, mostly lawyers, fired from the Public Defender’s office. That’s in addition to 300 county employee lay offs announced last week.

Bad timing to trust a big government plan to punish soda drinkers when the city is averaging two murders a day. Perhaps its time to ditch the Democrats in control.

Photo credit: WoogyChuck via / CC BY