The View: 'We Will Never Know' Why Hillary Lost

Correction, ladies: you don't want to ADMIT why.

Whenever we cover The View, I'm always tempted to apologize to TruthRevolt readers for passing on the uninformed drivel of the show's hosts as news. But The View is worth covering in two respects: one, it's inexplicably growing in popularity after a serious ratings dip two or three years ago, which means that whatever the hosts rant about is being disseminated widely; and two, their arguments and attitudes unfortunately are revealingly representative of the lemmings of the left. So to some extent it's enlightening for conservatives to know what's going on in the show, as repugnant an idea as that may be. But TruthRevolt watches The View so that you don't have to.

Today, hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar continued complaining over the 2016 election results and wracking their purported brains for an explanation for Hillary's loss, according to Newsbusters. Discussing excerpts from Hillary’s upcoming memoir What Happened, Whoopi and Behar argued with the slightly more moderate hosts Paula Faris and Jedediah Bila about the reasons.

Behar asserted that Hillary did win the election -- a comment that drew applause from the show's enthusiastically brainwashed in-studio audience, while Whoopi insisted on suggesting conspiracy theories, saying we would “never know” why the corrupt liar Hillary really lost.

Whoopi began by ranting incomprehensibly, something to the effect that Fox News undermined Hillary's chanced because the network hammered Obama's presidency so effectively that no Democrat could win.

Newsbusters provides the transcript of more:

BEHAR: But she did win. She did win! [applause]

BILA: She didn't win though because the electoral college is what determines---

WHOOPI: I believe that was not going to happen. The truth of the matter is, if this election happened in any other country the way it happened here, we would have sent people to go and check. To see what was going on.

BEHAR: Yeah.

WHOOPI: We will never know. We'll never know. We'll never know.

BEHAR: But don’t forget the things that we do know are that Comey released this information about her two weeks or a week before the election. That was very detrimental to her campaign and everybody who was on the fence said well -- and they're saying crooked Hillary. And they're saying ‘Oh yeah crooked Hillary’ and he confirms it in a way and he says nothing about the Trump investigation and then you have the Russians interfering with our election. There were so many things that went against her that I think she has every right to write a book and speak about it. [ Applause ]

BILA: She has a right--

BEHAR: It’s patriotic and it’s in the interest of the country.

FARIS: I think at some point you also have to take responsibility and I think if she would say, you know what, I lost fair and square, I think the problem is --

WHOOPI: But we don’t know that she did lose fair and square. See that’s the thing. That’s what I’m saying.

FARIS: Hence when you play a game, you're gracious in victory and you’re gracious in defeat. There's nothing more annoying when you start to blame everybody else. You need to take some responsibility for what you did on the field.

WHOOPI: But your children aren't playing on a game field where the parents are coming and hitting the ball for them. And then saying we won. My simple point is this, had this election happened anywhere else the way it did, we as America would have gone in to check and see all the checks and balances. We'll never know what happened and now is the time for her to say ‘this is how I feel about what went on and I don't like this happened and this is how I feel and this is how it felt to me. This is how I see it’ and she has a right to do that.

Behar concluded by pulling out the gender card: “Let's not forget misogyny played a big role in this. This country refuses to put a woman in power,” she added emphatically.

Oh, please. The only sinister forces at work in the election were the left's habitual voter fraud and Hillary herself, the worst presidential candidate in recent memory.