The View: Illegal Immigrants ‘Don’t Deserve’ Our Negligent Government

“They are confused and don't understand why they haven't been taken care of!”

On Wednesday's edition of The View, the left-wingers castigated Chief of Staff General John Kelly for comments regarding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

Kelly had told the press Tuesday that the difference in number between those eligible for DACA and those actually enrolled in the program was likely due to fear of -- or laziness toward -- applying. As a result, the anti-Trump-administration media lost its mind.

The already-lost minds at The View spoke up accordingly. 

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg unleashed a scathing retort to Kelly, calling the General "the lazy one":

"I want to point something out, John Kelly. You might actually be the one who is a little lazy here because 600,000 of those DREAMERS weren't eligible for DACA as of last year since they hadn't met the age or education requirements, they haven't applied, some out of fear. Many people eligible for DACA have families below the poverty line and it costs $495 to apply for DACA. Another $495 to renew every two years. Three-quarters of those over 16 and eligible for DACA work are juggling. One in four juggle both job and college studies."

Apparently, Goldberg personally knows millions of illegal aliens -- she claimed they are all "busting their butts" to keep above water in the U.S.

Guest co-host Valerie Jarrett chimed in, claiming that DACA "kids" are "just like all of us," and that they "love our country." How does she know? Citing the relentless leftist line that the government is supposed to take care of the people, she claimed:

“They are confused and don't understand why they haven't been taken care of!”

After cackler Joy Behar insisted that the slow movement on DACA was solely the fault of Donald Trump, token conservative Meghan McCain attempted to speak reason into madness. “No it’s not just Trump,” she explained, pointing out that congressional Democrats had been unwilling to compromise, paving the way for the recent government shutdown. “There’s room for agreement on this," McCain noted.

In response, left-winger Sunny Hostin excoriated Republicans as family-hating deviants:

"The problem with chain migration though is, Meghan, if you give the DACA recipients, citizenship what this administration is doing, is making sure that their parents get sent back and so you're breaking up families and immigrants don't deserve that kind of treatment!"

Wrong, Sunny. You mean "illegal aliens, not "immigrants." Illegal aliens, by definition, "don't deserve" to be in the country. 

Referring to Trump's supporters, who -- as McCain indicated -- expect the President to fight for the rule of law, Hostin cried:

“So the minority is running the country! So the minority is running this country against the will of the people!”

We suppose that must go for Obama's presidency, as well: after his first year in office, his approval rating was 46% -- a minority. Does Hostin believe the minority was running the country during his presidency? Probably not. She and her left-wing co-hosts only believe in the victory of Democrats and the defeat of Republicans, by any means necessary -- including citing hate where there is none. Hostin moaned:

“The thing is, you know, you have the Chief of Staff, John Kelly, calling immigrants lazy. When are we going to stop with the nasty rhetoric that is undermining the values of this country?”

When are you going to stop the false rhetoric of calling illegals "immigrants" and putting words in Republican mouths?