'The View' Host Says She Hopes Cruz Cheated

Calls Christianity a "crazy moral code"

So-called comedienne Michelle Collins said on the Monday episode of The View that she hopes the National Enquirer story that Ted Cruz has had five mistresses is true, "not only because I want to see which five women would sleep with Ted Cruz, which would be fascinating," Collins said, but because she would enjoy seeing him ruined over it.

Collins went on to say that it would be fascinating to see Cruz fall because he "lives by this kind of crazy moral code."

"Crazy moral code?" co-host Candace Bure interrupted. "He lives by Christians values from what he says he does and that's a crazy moral code?"

“You have a point, actually," Collins said before going on to say that crazy was the wrong word but she still wanted to see Cruz as a cheater.

“Girlfriend, I love you but I am so disagreeing with you,” Bure said. “I can’t find the humor in that. I don’t find satisfaction in seeing anybody be ruined. I want to believe the best in people.”

“Candace is a better person than me,” Collins responded. “Someone like Ted Cruz, I would like to see him fall personally. He’s not a good guy.”  

The View hosts, known for their far-left views, have always had at least a token conservative on set. This season, that role is play by Candace Bure.