Jezebel Whines About the 'Demonization" of Linda Sarsour

Is it possible to demonize a demon?

Prachi Gupta, "senior reporter" at the hate-filled, profanity-spewing, radical feminist website Jezebel, has penned a 2300-word defense of sharia-supporting anti-Semite hatemonger Linda Sarsour that is so full of leftist lies you have to read it to believe it. Titled "The Demonization of Linda Sarsour," 

Right off the bat Gupta claims that Sarsour's voice for "non-violent activism" is necessary now because "the United States government is seeking to ban and surveil Muslims" and "an uptick in hate crimes is slaughtering brown bodies across the country."

Gupta goes on to assert that "right-wing extremists and conservatives" are seeking to delegitimize Sarsour because she is "an outspoken, hijab-wearing woman who remains sharply critical of policies that oppress Palestinians." Well, yes, anyone who claims that "Palestinians" are being oppressed by Israelis and not their own Hamas leadership deserves delegitimization. Anyone who tries to sell the American people on hijabs and sharia also deserves legitimization.

"They have lambasted Sarsour for using the word 'jihad,'" writes Gupta, "which means 'struggle,' in a speech originally given to the Islamic Society of North America, a Muslim group which would understand the context." Yes, ISNA -- as a Muslim Brotherhood legacy group -- certainly would understand the context of Sarsour's use of jihad. They would understand that she is referring to the eradication of the infidel.

Gupta complains that even mainstream media sources are beginning to "portray [Sarsour] as anti-Semitic due to her pointed critiques of Zionism; her support for boycott, divestments, and sanctions against Israel; and her experience as a marginalized Palestinian-American and Muslim woman." Gee, how could anyone come to the conclusion that Sarsour is anti-Semitic just because she says that "nothing is creepier than Zionism" and she supports the anti-Semitic BDS movement and claims that "Palestine" is occupied territory? 'Tis a puzzlement.

Gupta then proceeds to devote paragraphs to whitewashing the crimes of convicted murderer and terrorist Shakata Assur and Rasmea Odeh. Such "feminists of color," she complains, are being targeted with lies and "mainstream outlets cherry-pick arguments that ultimately legitimize lies spread by the Islamophobic right."

Gupta concludes by claiming that "women like Sarsour and those in her community are under attack" in the era of President Trump, which is a curious claim considering that all the political violence being carried out is coming from the radical left. And Sarsour, a vicious demagogue lionized by the leftist media and Hollywood celebrities, is perfectly capable of defending herself.

But consider the source: Jezebel is a website devoted to angry raving about such leftist chimeras as the patriarchy, rape culture, white supremacist oppression, the genocide of Palestinians, the threat of a Christian theocracy, all the usual suspects. There isn't a single article there that isn't laced with radical lunacy.

To get the truth about Linda Sarsour, check out her profile page at the Horowitz Freedom Center's Discover the Networks resource site. Also check out the profile pages of Assata Shakur and Rasmea Odeh.