‘The View’ Censors ’Jesus’ During 10 Commandments Discussion

Speaking about the Son of God apparently crossed the line!

The censors at The View were busy last Friday cutting the audio of several instances when one of the co-hosts said the name of “Jesus.” It’s unclear if it happened on-air, or was done in post-production.

Checking out the clip on the official page, the censoring begins at around the 1:53 mark, when the first missing audio is detected. The co-hosts are debating the obsolescence of the Ten Commandments from the Book of Exodus. In this instance, it isn’t clear what is said, nor who said it, but the audio goes quiet for a second as the women discuss taking the Lord’s name in vain. 

At four minutes, co-host Paul Faris uses a personal story about what her parents allowed her to say as a child. In her household, it wasn’t proper to say “Oh, my God,” or “J.C.,” and then she says something else, but it’s missing the audio. It appears she mouthes “Jesus.” Faris added, “We could say ‘geez,'” which prompted Sunny Hostin to confirm: “You could say “geez” but not “zus.”

“Unless you were praising him, and then you could say, ‘Jesus,’” Faris said, with the last word made silent by editors. 

As for the discussion on the Ten Commandments, the ladies talked in circles and concluded that whether you believe in God, or not, these rules were good to live by, especially their favorites, no killing and no lying. The rest? Meh, not as necessary to them.