VIDEO: President Trump Bashed 34 Times During Emmys

Here’s the supercut!

Sunday night was the 69th annual Emmy Awards and it was not without its political moments -- thirty-four, to be exact. That was the number of times Hollywood leftists bashed President Trump.

The Washington Free Beacon made a video supercut of each instance of the anti-Trumpisms by the GOP haters. All went as expected except for the ratings. They were the worst ever for the broadcast.

That’s because Americans are sick of being compared to Nazis and being called racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, and deplorable. Especially from elitists in their coastal bubbles who avoid the middle of the country like the plague. 

Never forget: The Emmys was the kind of awards show in the current culture where saying this goes uncontested:


But what these snobs are finding out the hard way is that conservatives respond with their wallets. Don't get too comfy in your cush jobs!