Video: Planned Parenthood Counselor Encourages Teen to Try S&M

Planned Parenthood condemns video, releases employee

Wednesday, as part of its Planned Parenthood Exposed project, pro-life organization Live Action released a video showing a Planned Parenthood counselor advising a reporter disguised as a 15-year-old girl looking for basic advise on sex to try out dangerous sexual practices, including bondage, playing the roll of dominatrix, and other sadomasochistic "kinks." 

From HotAir’s Ed Morissey:

The conversation starts off discussing role-playing games in sexual activity, but the counselor quickly turns to suggesting that the girl try out being a dominatrix or a submissive. When the girl asks what “kink” means, the counselor suggests anal sex and toys, and instructs her to start off with a “taste” and then work up to the “harder things.” 

As LifeNews reports, it took less than day after the release of video for Planned Parenthood to respond. In a written statement president and CEO Betty Cockrum condemned the contents of the video and announced the dismissal of the counselor:

While the heavy editing of this video makes it impossible to know the full exchange that took place, this video clearly does not reflect our professional standards or training protocols, and this staff member is no longer employed at PPINK. 

Live Action has since responded to the "token firing," blasting it as a predictable evasion coming straight from the "Planned Parenthood playbook":

You’re seeing step one of the Planned Parenthood damage control handbook: the token firing.  It’s always a little strange, because Planned Parenthood tries to have it both ways: they announce terminating the employee for violating “professional standards” but never specify what those standards are. Meanwhile, their BDSM training video remains online, and they continue to list “resources” that tell kids that torture sex is totally fine. So what exactly did the staffer in our video do to bring the wrath of Planned Parenthood down on her?

In past releases, step two in the handbook is to ignore the exact same abuses we reveal in subsequent videos from additional Planned Parenthood locations across the country.  We saw this in our sex-trafficking investigation and our sex-selective abortion investigation, and we’ll probably see it here, too.  Planned Parenthood is trying to cast our video as a one-off.

But throwing one employee under the bus does nothing to solve the abortion giant’s organization-wide problem: their promotion of dangerous sexual activity to teens in their online materials and programs.  Lawmakers need to take action immediately to stop forcing taxpayers to support Planned Parenthood, and parents should call their school principals and superintendents to cut off Planned Parenthood’s access to teens in their communities.

As Morissey argues, “This isn’t feminine empowerment; it’s molding victims who will eventually end up in their clinics.” What makes it even more intolerable is the half-billion in taxpayer money paid to Planned Parenthood every year.