VIDEO: Perfect 31-Second Illustration of Why People Dislike Democrats

"Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye."

On Thursday, the American Health Care Act was passed by House Republicans on their 216th "yes." When that happened, the Democrats, statesmen that they are, decided to taunt their political opponents like a high school team might taunt their across-town rivals.

"Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye," they sang as they waved goodbye. What, was "go start the bus" too puerile? What the Democrats were trying to say was that the Republicans are never going to get re-elected now. Americans are so wedded to Obamacare that these Republicans have just guaranteed losses across the board.

Watch this ridiculous display:

Chris Cillizza wrote about this moment.

And the DC political class wonders why people hate them.

I understand that Democrats not only didn't like the way this bill was passed -- without any estimates on what it might cost or how many people might lose coverage as a result -- but also believed the policies contained in it would leave the country and its people considerably worse off.

That is a worthy conversation to have. But, that's not what Democrats were doing. Instead, they were jeering and mocking their colleagues.

Agreed. If America is going to continue, we have got to start treating each other with a modicum of decency. The Democrats need to realize their candidate lost. Get over it, and start working to make America great again. One would think that that's something we could all agree on.