VIDEO: Here’s Why Obamacare is Failing

And why the AHCA should replace it.

A new video released on Tuesday by House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) explains why Obamacare is failing and why the GOP’s American Health Care Act is a better option.

Animation with a voiceover is used to show how premiums have jumped since the passage of the so-called Affordable Care Act; doubling in some areas and tripling in others in just three years. The former president promised that 23 million Americans would gain coverage under Obamacare. However, as of March 2017, the video notes the number is at “less than half” what was proposed.

As far as the new AHCA, McCarthy’s video promises it fixes these problems by giving more power back to the states, offers individualized plans, lowers premiums, allows coverage for pre-existing conditions, and doesn’t damage Medicaid like the Democrats allege. 

The video says the AHCA is “patient-centered healthcare” that “treats you like a human being, not a number.”

The GOP has delayed the August recess by two weeks in order to help push the AHCA through the Senate.