Video Montage: Hillary Blames Everything and Everyone

"And let's not forget the sexism and misogyny." We won't forget - you won't let us.

The Washington Free Beacon has compiled a hilarious yet unsettling short video montage of excerpts from Hillary Clinton's recent interview with CBS Sunday Morning, in which the failed presidential candidate slung blame wildly in all directions, from WikiLeaks to former FBI Director James Comey to "millions of white people" to sexism and misogyny -- lots and lots of sexism and misogyny.

Hillary is, of course, promoting her election autopsy What Happened, a book no one needs to read because everyone but Hillary herself knows what happened. Watching these interview snippets, or the full-length interview itself, one is reminded of the characteristics Hillary possesses which cost her the election: the complete absence of human warmth and sincerity, the inveterate lying, the unhinged glare, the pathological inability to accept personal responsibility for anything, the open contempt for vast swaths of the electorate (e.g. the "deplorables"), the blatant lust for political power, the seething anger always just under the surface, and of course, the Communist bloc-inspired sartorial flair.

Check out the brilliantly-edited video above.