Knesset Deputy Speaker Calls For Center of Jewish History CEO to be Fired

There’s a lot wrong with this narrative.

As Truth Revolt first revealed last week, the incoming CEO of the Center for Jewish History in New York David N. Myers supports a boycott of Israel. And in response, Israeli Member of Knesset Bezalel Smotrich, who serves as Deputy Speaker, advocated that Myers be fired, with a statement which commended the institute for its great work, yet noted “those involved in leadership positions with organizations that are no friends of Israel should be precluded from positions with Jewish organizations.” He references Myers as an active leader of New Israel Fund, J Street, If Not Now When, and Jewish Voices For Peace.

In an expose today in The Jewish Press, the largest Jewish newspaper in America, it was revealed that “Myers serves as a leader of the Academic Advisory Council of Scholars for Israel and Palestine, an organization which defines itself as  “Pro-Israel, Pro-Palestine, Pro-Peace.” Among the viewpoints it espouses is “A central obstacle to a just peace between Israelis and Palestinians is the continuing occupation of the West Bank,” and that UN Security Council Resolution 242, adopted in the wake of Israel’s stunning victory in the Six-Day War, requires an end to all Israeli “occupation” (including the Western Wall).

Most shockingly, according to Haaretz, the organization which Mr. Myers is a leader of calls on “the U.S. government and European Union to impose personal sanctions on four prominent Israelis including Economy Minister and Habayit Hayehudi leader Naftali Bennett, Housing Minister Uri Ariel, and Likud MK Moshe Feiglin.”

If Mr. Myers’ organization has its way, then Israeli governmental leaders would not be able to obtain visas, would have their assets frozen, and would face personal international sanctions. Along these lines, Myers signed an online petition in which he called Prime Minister Ariel Sharon “a war criminal,” and for him to be brought to the Hague. Among Sharon’s "crimes," according to the petition Myers signed, is “his rejection of the right of the Palestinian refugees to return to their original homes and lands.”(Myers has elsewhere suggested a necessity for the Palestinian right of return.)

So, at the Center for Jewish History, its leader advocates a boycott and sanctions against Israel. There’s a lot wrong with that narrative.