VIDEO: Berkeley Student Destroys College Republicans Sign

“You’re supporting violence by supporting Trump," says the man committing violence.

Everybody knows that conservatives are embraced with open arms at UC Berkeley and are always welcomed to exercise their freedom of speech -- that is, until people destroy their private property and call it a protest. 

Following the recent rioting which shut down a speaking engagement featuring libertarian firebrand Milo Yiannopoulos, another Berkeley leftist extended a similar objection to free speech by destroying a Berkeley College Republicans sign and discarding it the trash can. 

The student to whom the sign belonged caught everything on camera, and was challenged not only by the unapologetic vandal, but by at least one passerby who declared the vandalism "free speech." Berkeley leftists seem to believe that free speech is whatever they say it is, and that conservatives don't have a right to it.

“You’re supporting violence by supporting Trump,” the violent vandal argued. 

The sign had been hand-painted onto plywood before the vandal broke it into pieces so he could discard it. The incident has been reported to the UC police department.

It's doubtful that any arrests will be made, but a similar incident involving a pro-life student at UCSB in 2014 did end in a crazed professor being charged with theft and destroying private property.