Vets Protested Hampshire College’s American Flag Ban and Now It Flies Once More

“There’s no way I’ll let anyone take down the flag. It means a lot to me and my brothers.”

Good news out of Amherst, Massachusetts on Friday as Hampshire College finally lifted its ban on flying the American flag on campus. It took two weeks and 1,000 veterans but the school’s president, Jonathan Lash, finally came to his senses.

As TruthRevolt previously reported, Lash ordered the flag to fly at half-staff after the election of Donald Trump to mourn the “escalating hate-based violence” surrounding the election. Then after some initial backlash, the president decided to remove every flag on campus altogether.

That prompted the protest by veterans who descended on the campus in a sea of red, white, and blue to tell them, “There’s no way I’ll let anyone take down the flag, no way. It means a lot to me and my brothers.”

Another vet attended the protest and said, “They took down my flag, they have a right to that, I’m here to defend their right to do that, but I want them to understand how bad that hurts me.”

Lash refused to attend or meet face-to-face with any protesters. He was too busy scribbling statements to defend his decision:

We hope this will enable us in the near term to instead focus our efforts on addressing racist, misogynistic, Islamophobic, anti-immigrant, anti-Semitic, and anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and behaviors. I ask our campus to join me in a commitment to living up to the ideals of our mission: to insist on diversity, inclusion, and equity from our leaders and in our communities; to constructively resist those who are opposing these values; and to actively and passionately work toward justice and positive change at Hampshire and in the world.

Now, Lash said enough time to reflect has passed and ordered the flag raised back to its rightful place at full staff on Friday morning:

This morning we raised the United States flag to full staff at Hampshire College after a two-week discussion period about what the flag means to members of the Hampshire community…

We are alarmed by the overt hate and threats, especially toward people in marginalized communities, which have escalated in recent weeks. We did not lower the flag to make a political statement. Nor did we intend to cause offense to veterans, military families, or others for whom the flag represents service and sacrifice. We acted solely to facilitate much-needed dialogue on our campus about how to dismantle the bigotry that is prevalent in our society. We understand that many who hold the flag as a powerful symbol of national ideals and their highest aspirations for the country — including members of our own community — felt hurt by our decisions, and that we deeply regret.

And for those students who are still “fearful” of the American flag, Lash assured they will have “multiple focus group sessions” available for them to discuss their feelings.

Because college is kindergarten.

H/T Washington Times